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We are happy to announce that under the EARN WITH KHABRI program, we have introduced GIGS.

If you are an existing creator on Khabri, go to the Rewards page on the studio or else download Khabri Studio and create your channel. 

GIG entry with maximum unique listens by the end date of the gig, wins the prize money.

So, why wait?! Take part in a gig right now and earn anywhere between Rs 500-31,000!!

About Khabri

'Khabri' is one of the largest, fully focused audio content platforms in India. In the case of users, there are about 300,000+ downloads and monthly approximately 1 million active listeners in the news.


To further improve the 'Khabri' app, we are always looking for qualified content creators, who can work in the field of audio for the same purpose. Creators joining us also give us the opportunity to create their own channel on the app, to connect with a new and established audience and earn money through our creation. The famed team always works as a helper for their creators, with the aim of reaching more audience, on the app of their audios and on Khabri's social media handles, it is constantly promoted.

A set Cash Incentive Plan is created for the creators who are based on total listens on their channel (or audios). "Your progress is our advancement" on Khabri

Create Channel

We are always looking for top-notch creators who are able to collaborate in bringing the news to the new peak by creating appropriate content in the audio field. If you are also impressed with the Khabri app and want to get an identity by making your own channel, it is very easy to do this.


STEP 1: Download the 'Khabri Studio' app, as a user register.

STEP 2: Create your channel through 'Khabri Studio'

STEP 3: Live your channel by uploading your first audio.



Subscribers 500 K
1 M Listens
Listens 4 M
Subscribers 1 M
Subscribers 7.2 M
Subscribers 800 K

How To Earn?

Many influencers and content creators associated with Khabri are earning a good each month. You can also make monthly income up to ₹ 2 lakh.

You can also earn money from Khabri for that you have to complete 500 subscribers on your channel.

To monetize your channel start campaigning and sharing your audio on all of your social platforms. 

For growing your channel you can take help from How to Grow your channel section.


How to Grow your Channel?